Nobody is safe

DAY 29 – We are breathing dust Once again, we woke up screaming. Yesterday Israelis bombed the building next to us. Our door crashed on the ground. The night before they hit two buildings in our street. Missiles are dropping on us from everywhere without any warning, every day, every night. We are like mice […]

I was a combination of everything that you shouldn’t be

My name is Marlon, I’m 37, but fighting for justice and freedom has been something that has been growing with me since I was a child. My parents participated in the revolution in the 70s. They were fighting against a dynasty in power, the dictatorship of Samosas.  It was a beautiful time, that search for […]

Two months changed my life forever

When I started rapping was 2008, in Guinea. My first song was called ‘Bembo’, the lyrics said that everything we earn in life is for our belly. We work the land in the countryside to help the family eat, to be full. We used to sing it everywhere in the neighborhood.My name is Lancine, but […]

For certain reasons I cannot show my face, but I can use my voice

I’m Miko, I’m journalist from Myanmar, but currently based in Bangkok, in Thailand. One year after I got my diploma in journalism the military coup happened. Since then, collaborating with my teacher, I publish many articles for Thai, French other international media outlets, and I started to create contents for a Myanma media NGO, Visual […]

In Gaza There Is Only One Story To Tell

I can’t tell my kids it’s fireworks anymore. They are older now, my daughter is 15, my sons are 12, 6, and 3. Each time it happens, I can’t believe that we survived. This last Israeli bombing campaign, it shook the walls of our house. I hate that I cannot protect my children, I hate […]

No truth. No healing.

“We started by looking for my father’s body, now we’re looking for truth and justice.” Elie’s father, Ghassan Hasrouty, was responsible for Lebanon’s grain silos located at Beirut port. He worked there for 39 years. He was killed in the Aug 4th 2020 Beirut port blast. It was one of the largest non-nuclear blasts in […]

The first one in

I run in, I’ve got the gopro on, there is so much destruction. I’m usually the first one in. As I am running I am asking where is the strike, but no one is answering they are just scared and running. It’s all happening so fast. I see a man carrying two children, I open […]