We have been fighting this for 10 years

We have been fighting this for 10 years. This anti-gay bill. It condemns us to life in prison and even death just because of who we love and want to be with. We thought this because of all of the international pressure, because he had sent it back to parliament with amendments including removing the […]

There is no “post” to this trauma

I know that I have PTSD. I can feel this darkness in me, it haunts me in my sleep and when I am awake. They call it “post-traumatic stress disorder” but it’s not “post”, there is no “post” to this trauma that I have, that my country has. We still live it every day. I […]

The thing that hurt the most

I am still awake, waiting for the latest news. I think I am living in a state of anticipation and panic due to the shock of the earthquake. I am also waiting for the latest news about us refugees. Now I live in my sister’s house. I left my house because it is located in […]

From laughter to life in hiding

I am in “hiding”. It’s a strange feeling, to have to hide in your own city, to have streets where you used to laugh and walk with friends turn against you. In one room that I hide in I can see trees, flowers, plants in the yard.