No truth. No healing.

“We started by looking for my father’s body, now we’re looking for truth and justice.”

Elie’s father, Ghassan Hasrouty, was responsible for Lebanon’s grain silos located at Beirut port. He worked there for 39 years. He was killed in the Aug 4th 2020 Beirut port blast. It was one of the largest non-nuclear blasts in history.

It took 14 days to Ghassan’s body to be handed over to those who loved him, who called him husband, father, friend. But wounds have not healed. Time has not eased the pain as those responsible remain free.

Elie is pleading for your help to uncover the truth. A truth that so many Lebanese are demanding.

The country’s political elite have been protecting themselves, pulling every trick to prevent a domestic investigation from moving forward – an investigation that implicates individuals within their own ranks.

They have also been blocking an international investigation. These are the same political elite who tanked Lebanon’s economy, caused banks to freeze people’s USD accounts, forcing the majority of the population into a poverty spiral. These are the same political elite who have lined their own pockets for decades.

Here is what you can do to help:

Write to your local and/or national leaders & tag them in posts

Share and spread the word & tag prominent figures in posts


We cannot allow this level of corruption and murder to continue to be carried out with impunity. We can use the example of Lebanon to tell leaders that they cannot steal and kill us and expect no accountability. This can happen to anyone anywhere. It’s time to make our voices heard.

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