Learn the basics of social media, grow your reach and amplify your impact online!

Tuesday 17 January 2023

20:00 EST

Duration: 60 minutes

Level: Beginner

Thursday 19 January 2023

20:00 ISTANBUL / GMT+3

Duration: 60 minutes

Level: Beginner

Course outline

  • Introduction to Social Media
    – How did we get here?
    – Why use social media?
  • How does it work
    – Understanding the features
    – Understanding the “Reach” and how it is calculated
  • Building appealing content
    – Best practices
    – What is a good content
    – What gets more exposure?
    – How to gain more interaction
  • Visual content creation for beginners
    – How to create visuals without knowledge in graphic design
    – How to edit videos on your phone
    – Video & photo rules for maximum engagement

About this course

This beginner course is best for:

  • Journalists
  • Users who want to learn how to campaign online

This 1 hour course covers the basics of social media, understanding the platforms, understanding your target audience, learning best practices for more reach and impact, securing your accounts from hackers, and YES you can design great graphics with zero knowledge of graphic design and NO software, just a computer!

About the lecturer


Imad Bazzi is an Advocacy Expert with 20 years of experience in leading online campaigns, recognized by Foreign Policy Magazine as one of 7 most influential activists in MENA (2011), Most Influential Lebanese by Portland Communications (2013) and two time nominee for Reporters Without Borders Award. / BoBs – DW.
Bazzi worked for the United Nations, Greenpeace, Institute for War & Peace Reporting, and The International Network for Aid, Relief and Assistance – INARA where he now serves as a Communications Manager.

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