• Short selfie style video shot vertical with message / story, 1 minute or less
  • OR photo or video that best portrays what you are trying to convey


  • Background on you, where you are from, age, what you do in life. And any extra short quotes, statements, emotions that didn’t make it into your video.
  • OPTIONAL: write something longer that we will use on our website.

if you cannot reveal your identity due to security or other concerns either cover your face OR send us instructions and we will blur before posting. Please do not hesitate to dig into your core emotions and make this about YOU, even if the issue(s) you want amplified also apply to others. We need to connect to you so that we can connect to the issue. Make it personal.

Its great if you can send in your video & text in English. For videos we will subtitle in English. For text we will translate and also include the original language.

We reserve the right to add historical context at the end of your text if needed for clarification. We reserve the right to fact check any claims that you are making.

We will not publish anything that is racist, hate speech, discriminatory, advocates the use of violence.

We will go back and forth with you for clarity and if any edits are needed. We will not publish final content unless it has been approved by you.

Maximum file size for uploads is 200MBs, you can upload up to 3 files at once. 

Allowed formats are Jpeg, png, gif, mp4, mov, wmv, doc, docx.

Please feel free to reach out to us for any clarification and / or additional guidelines and ideas on how to best tell your story. We’re here for you.