I’m not doing anything wrong

“U know? I wish we were never in a situation where they told me that you know more than your age or that you are truly brave. I am really tired of having so much pain and regret in my heart in my twenties. And I have to fight for the most ordinary things.”

That’s what Zahra wrote to us. She is – or rather was – a university senior studying photography, until the Taliban banned women from higher education. She went out to protest that day and was detained by the Taliban for a couple hours. She’s in hiding now.

She is adamant that she doesn’t want her face blurred. She said “I’m not doing anything wrong, I’m fighting for my rights. I don’t care what happens, I am going to fight until the last moment”. She’s been to more than 20 protests since the Taliban took over.

“But I still hope that these days will pass and the sun will rise for us. Hearing these messages really reduces the amount of pain we suffer.”

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Posted by : Arwa Damon


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